IT Suitcase Review 2018 – 2019

IT Luggage Worlds Lightest Spinner Case

IT LuggageThis is IT Luggage World, lightest case weighing only 2.6 kilos when empty with a capacity of 106 litres (VIEW PRICE HERE!). The cases come in a range of four striking colours, which is very useful when trying to identify your luggage on the belt. The bag is both strong and light and comes with a 10-year warranty. Providing the bag with 4 wheels ensures you have total control whether it’s half full or empty.

  • 4 wheels allowing you to have total control over the movement of your bag whether its half full or packed to the brim
  • Weighing only 2.6 kilos and a capacity of 106 litres
  • Waterproof and easy clean material to ensure your luggage lasts the test of time
  • Easy to spot on luggage carousel saving you time at the airport
  • 10 year warranty enabling you as the user to feel safe in the knowledge that you have a well made bag

This bag is really great if you are after a strong, durable, lightweight large suitcase to take on a long haul holiday. Despite its lightweight appearance it is strong enough to fill with all your holiday essentials. The bright cheery colours that it comes in help to cheer up the dreary luggage carousel as well as making it easy to spot, so no waiting around for all the normal black and blue cases. The case comes with a 10-year warranty ,which is a great indicator for a well made bag. The bag is also easy to clean so you will always have a smart looking case when you get to the airport.


Features: 10 year warranty -light weight – 4 wheels – Striking colours to spot luggage on carousel

Price: higher end





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