Spinner Suitcase Brand Reviews – Best Of 2018 – 2019

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Haupstadtkoffer 4 wheels – TSA lock – 119 litre volume – hard case Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

American Tourister 4 wheels – TSA lock – 94 litre volume – hard case Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Samsonite 4 wheels – TSA lock – 102 litre volume – hard case Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Wheeled Suitcases – Top 3

Pushing luggage around a busy town or airport is always a nightmare, but modern spinner suitcases have been developed to solve this problem. By providing 4 spinning wheels, these cases offer an easy way to get around and transport precious luggage. Here’s a look at three of the leading spinner suitcases you can currently buy today.

Haupstadtkoffer Review – Our Number 1

HAUPTSTADTKOFFERDespite the long name, the Haupstadtkoffer (VIEW PRICE HERE!) offers a very high quality for your money. It might not be the most well known brand, but here’s an overview of some of its best features:

  • This spinner suitcase has exceptional storage facilities. It has a storage space of up to 119 litres, yet it is not bigger then its competitors (75 x 52 x 32 cm).
  • The Haupstadtkoffer also features a hardshell which helps keep items say from the bumps and falls normally encountered while travelling.
  • Similarly, one of the best features of this case is that it is expandable. The zip between the two case halves allows the middle to expand, opening up to easily create the full 119 litre capacity. Don’t need all the space? Zip it back up and you will find this case to be very versatile, adapting to your needs.
  • Like most spinner suitcases, this also comes with an extendible handle and 4 free moving wheels, making it an ideal case for rolling alongside you.
  • It also comes in a vast range of colours, allowing you to customise to suit your style. Want something dark, or loud and vibrant? The Haupstadtkoffer comes in both varieties.

Thanks to its large size and adaptable features, it’s easy to see why the Haupstadtkoffer gets first place on this list. It’s also the cheapest item of the free, making it exceptionally good value for money.


Features: 4 wheels – TSA lock – 119 litre volume – hard case

Pricing: Affordable Low-Range


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American Tourister Pasadena Review – Number 2

American TouristerAs far as spinners go, the American Tourister Pasadena is a practical and robust option, designed to carry items safely and allow a stress-free way to travel. Here are some of its best qualities:

  • With a capacity of 94 litres, you can carry a lot of luggage inside the Pasadena.
  • The hardshell also offers plenty of protection, both in aircraft and when in public. You don’t need to worry about accidental bumps, as the Pasadena will keep things secure.
  • The Pasadena has one central storage area, although the case lining’s also feature zips, allowing you to store a few items separate from the rest. This allows an ideal place to store paperwork, for example.
  • In terms of size, this case is 77 x 52.5 x 29 cm, making it a decent size to carry around and bring on an airplane.
  • A range of colours are available, offering numerous aesthetic options and stylistic choice.

Whether you’re a frequent traveller or not, the Pasedena is a very safe, yet discrete design. It has a clear ease of access in mind, which will help many getting items out when they need to.


Features: 4 wheels – TSA lock – 94 litre volume – hard case

Pricing: Mid-Range



Samsonite Suitcase Review – Number 3

Samsonite SuitcaseThe Samsonite Suitcase is a very elegant and discrete design, with collapsible handles and a flush shape. Here are a few of its leading qualities:

  • In terms of storage, the Samsonite’s 102 litre capacity gives you plenty of options.
  • The storage space is actually split into two components. There’s a central area and a section section in top lid, accessible from the inside via a zip, that has a decent amount of space on its own. This offers plenty of options for dividing luggage as needed.
  • With a size of 75 x 52 x 31 cm, the Samsonite is another light and small suitcase, making it ideal for boarding planes and carrying around.
  • This case also has 4 wheels, handles and a hard protective case, making for a robust suitcase.
  • A decent range of colours are also available, offering extra versatility.

All in all, the Samsonite Suitcase is a fine example of spindle suitcases. It offers plenty of storage space for a small and agile frame, as well as 4 wheels for efficient mobility. With a reasonable price, this case offers plenty of protection and space to store your items.


Features: 4 wheels – TSA lock – 102 litre volume – hard case

Pricing: Mid-Range




As both the cheapest and the biggest in terms of volume, it’s impossible not to appreciate the Haupstadtkoffer. The 119 litre storage will meet most travel needs and this alone makes it worthy of the top position. An exercise in affordable quality, this suitcase has plenty to offer both season travellers and occasional flyers alike.





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