Top 7 Packing Hacks – Pack The Most Stuff While Having Essentials Accessible

If you’re like me, travelling is one the few things in life we have a great amount of excitement about. I even start packing at least a month early for a trip as small as a weekend getaway. The main issue always seems to revolve around baggage, whether it’s during packing or when you arrive at the airport to find you’re short on space. Shoving your packed goods into a small box can be a tricky task, so I’ve collated a list of the top 7 hacks to utilise your packing space, all while ensuring your essentials are accessible.

1. Roll your clothes

The classic hack we all know of is to roll our clothes rather than fold them. This is because not only does it allow you to pack more clothing items into a small space, you can also easily view them to select your day’s clothes. When folding clothes, this is usually a pain in the rear end because you have to take out all the garments to find the one you’re looking for. What does this result in? If you’re lucky for it to be located near the top of your pile, you’ll only have to fold a few clothes back. If not, you’ll end up with a massive lump of clothes which you need to fold again, only to have to repeat the whole vicious cycle whenever you choose to change your clothes.

2. Get Baggage with Pockets

If you haven’t purchased a suitcase already, try take this advice before you go out and buy it. Whether it’s from EBay or brand new from the store, find a suitcase which has multiple pockets. And an extender on that note! An extender is another zip which allows you to increase the depth of the suitcase by up to 2/3 inches! It’s a handy feature, try grab a case with this included, you’ll thank yourself. Back to the point about pockets, some suitcase have crumpled pockets inside the main compartment where you can slide in things such as under-garments or socks, and some cases have zipped mesh compartments for you to store shoes, slippers, or even makeup and skincare items. Having compartments improves the versatility of the suitcase and saves you time when looking for a particular item.

3. Categorise!

There’s these neat little boxes you can get online called Packing Cubes. They’re one of my favourite items to use in aid of packing! In a pack you’ll have various shapes and sizes of cubes, which are secured with a zipper and usually made of mesh to allow you to see the contents without rummaging through the cubes. You can assign each cube a category -such as footwear, nightwear, makeup/cosmetics, skincare products/toiletries, acccessories and more. Then, simply pack your cubes neatly into your suitcase for efficient and clean suitcase organising. They’re available in loads of colours too, so go ahead and personalise them!

4. Seal Up Liquids

One of the worst things that can happen to you on holiday is finding your shampoo all over your clothes. The most reliable method I’ve found to solve this problem is to simply wrap clingfilm

around the opening. No- not around the lid! If your liquid does leak, the fluidity will soften the adhesive powers of the clingfilm and it will just slide off. The most secure way to use this hack is to unscrew the lid, place a sheet of film over the opening, and screw the lid back down. That way, the liquid won’t be able to leak out in the first place! I’ve been using this hack for years now and it’s never failed me, so go ahead and grab a roll of clingfilm!


5. Avoid Powder Compacts

If you’re going to be packing makeup products in your cargo baggage, think twice before packing powder makeup and compacts- especially if you’re travelling to hot countries. I learnt this the hard way, packing my Jeffree Star Skin Frost Highlighter wasn’t a wise choice on my holiday to Mexico in August. The moment I unpacked it, it was smashed to smithereens! If you really must pack powder makeup, go ahead and chuck it into your hand luggage. Powders are allowed on board in any quantity, so it’s a wise idea to pack it in with your hand luggage.


6. Choose Carefully Between Hand and Cargo

Some things aren’t allowed on board with you like knives, sharp objects and certain liquids. If you’re carrying medicine, only pack it in hand if it’s a daily necessity, otherwise just pack it in with your cargo. Certain objects can be switched around. The best way to decide what to pack in hand is to think, what would I need if I was stuck out there for days? What would be absolutely necessary? Daily medicines, a toothbrush, toothpaste maybe (you can always use a natural method in such a scenario), a hairbrush, makeup touch-up products, a moisturiser (for the dry cabin air), etc. Anything else can go intot the plain cargo! Be wise people.


7. Keep Clothes Clean

If you’re packing shoes which you’ve worn before, they won’t be completely dirt-free, and having to pack them in the same space as your perhaps brand new or clean clothes isn’t the most ideal situation. There’s two hacks I have in store for this dilemma- one is to pack shoes into a shower cap. This sounds really weird, but it works a charm to keep your clothes neat and tidy. The cap forms a protective barrier between dirt and debris and your clothes. The second hack is to put your clothes in a completely seperate compartment of your suitcase. The best place I found is facing the top of the case inside a mesh pocket.

If you stick to these top tips, we guarantee you’ll never come across a problem while packing for your next trip! The best thing for me personally is to start packing around a month early. This means you can use your days before the flight to rest up in preparation and prevention of the horrible jetlag you would usually face. Besides all this, go ahead and enjoy your journey- stay safe!

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