Lightweight Luggage Reviews & Buying Guide UK 2018 – 2019

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Samsonite 104 litre capacity – Soft Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock – Front Storage Compartment Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

American Tourister 53 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

5 Cities Luggage 66 litre capacity – Soft Shell – 2 Wheels – Number Lock Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

The Best Lightweight Travel Luggage On The Market

When you’re travelling on the go, lightweight luggage is essential. Even with wheels, nobody wants to push something that’s too heavy, so a practical design is a must. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market that address this need, while also offering style and numerous additional features. Here are 3 of the most competitive products available today.

Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 77 Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 77The Base Hits 77 (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is designed with robust practicality in mind. With a large storage area and a simple design, this may be the only bag you need when travelling. Here are some of its more unique features:

  • With a storage capacity of 104 litres, you can pack plenty inside. It’s not as big as you would think, either, with dimensions of 77 x 45 x 32 cm.
  • At 3.5 kg, it’s also rather lightweight on its own, too. Even with a full load, the Base Hits 77 is not difficult to pick up move around.
  • With 4 spinner wheels, this case has a lot of mobility. You can push, pull or even just let it glide along the floor, which is great for tired travellers.
  • If you’re looking for style, this case also comes in a range of colours.

Everything about the Base Hits 77 is practical, but that doesn’t stop it from being an elegant choice. Easy to use, thanks to its wheels, easy zipper and telescopic handle, this case is a great stress-free solution to any luggage situation.


Features: 104 litre capacity – Soft Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock – Front Storage Compartment

Pricing: Mid-Range


[amazon_link asins=’B01BBXN5NS,B007WQJSGM,B00ULI8JSQ,B00II767CW,B017UMXBLA,B01H6ZROZ0,B01D3B5JQM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’loveluggagejoint-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’feae0285-e226-11e6-a1e6-3b00b2c34f3c’]

American Tourister Suitcase Bon Air Spinner – Number 2

American TouristerAs a hard shell case, the American Tourister Suitcase Bon Air Spinner is great for people who want to keep their prized possessions free of any damage. The Bon Air also offers a lightweight solution that’s great for frequent travellers. Let’s take a closer look:

  • With a capacity of 53 litres, this case represents a small, lightweight design that brings the benefits of a tough, durable hard shell.
  • The 4 spinner wheels, alongside the telescopic handle, make manoeuvring with this case light and easy. It simply glides along the floor, saving you the effort of having to push the weight yourself.
  • In terms of size, this is a relatively small bag. It’s dimensions are 66 x 46 x 25.5, so you will face little difficulties getting this aboard plane cabins!
  • The Bon Air also comes in a range of bright, vibrant colours. These are great for adjusting to your style, or just ensuring your case stands out from the crowd while waiting at the carousel.
  • Despite the hard shell, it also doesn’t weight too much either. It’s empty weight is just 3.4 kilograms.

In short, the Bon Air Spinner is a lightweight and compact solution. It offers a simple storage option and enough extra features, such as handles and wheels, to make travelling with it by your side all the more easier and stress free.


Features: 53 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock

Pricing: Mid-Range



5 Cities Luggage Suitcase Review – Number 3

5 Cities Luggage Suitcase reviewThe 5 Cities Luggage Solution offers a decent amount of storage with some additional features to help relieve the stress of travel. It’s also a rather cheap option, making it a fantastic choice for budget travellers. Here’s what else this suitcase has to offer:

  • At 66 litres, the storage volume is more than enough. The frame is also expandable, allowing you to fit in bigger items or concentrated loads.
  • With 2 wheels and a retractable handle, it’s easy to put this on the floor and start walking. At only 3.5 kgs, it doesn’t weight enough to slow you down.
  • The 5 Cities Luggage Suitcase also comes in various other colours, allowing you to be more sophisticated in your choice.
  • There are a number of compartments on the front that allow you to organise your belongings better.
  • The number lock included with the case is also a nice feature, as it gives a little extra security to your items.

All in all, it’s hard to resist the charm of this luggage suitcase. There’s enough storage space to meet most needs and it’s a very flexible option thanks to its design features. It’s a simple solution that will meet anybody’s budget, making it an option well worth considering.


Features: 66 litre capacity – Soft Shell – 2 Wheels – Number Lock

Pricing: Affordable




In closing, it’s easy to see why the Base Hits 77 has the top spot on this list. It manages to offer a vast amount of storage without adding extra weight or an overtly large case. It’s easy to pack, easy to carry and easy to fit into any journey you might be undertaking.




Buyers Guide To Travel Luggage

Whether you’re a frequent traveller or just need something for an upcoming trip, the right luggage can make all the difference. It helps to know exactly what you need from your luggage, as you can then make the right choices when browsing today’s market selection. Here are some of the most important features you should consider when looking for a new bag or case.

[amazon_link asins=’B01BBXN5NS,B007WQJSGM,B00ULI8JSQ,B00II767CW,B017UMXBLA,B01H6ZROZ0,B01D3B5JQM’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’loveluggagejoint-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’feae0285-e226-11e6-a1e6-3b00b2c34f3c’]

2 or 4 Wheels

Nobody likes dragging a heavy bag through a busy airport or train station so, for most instances, wheels are a must. However, do you need 2 or 4 wheels? 4 wheels offers more practicality, allowing the bag to simply glide along the floor, but might compromise the overall design. 2 wheels, on the other hand, require you to either push or pull the bag around.


Spinners or Fixed Wheels

On a similar note, many people prefer wheels with a 360 degree angle of rotation, as this allows the case to swivel and adjust to your momentum. Others, on the other hand, feel fixed wheels (as is often the case with 2 wheel options) are simpler to control. If you’re carrying particularly heavy loads, for instance, than 4 spinner wheels will allow you to remove some of the strain and weight when moving the case around.


Hard or Soft Shell

Generally speaking, a hard shell (such as plastic or metal) offers extra protection, but compromises on shape and design. A softer material, such as fabrics, allows the bag to be more adaptable in terms of space (whether it’s fitting it in with other luggage or just in terms of packing the bag itself), but sacrifices a little protection as a result. One of the issues hard shell variants also have is that they may give up some storage capacity by not being able to expand as well. This is not a guarantee however, so it helps to pay attention at specific models to see how they incorporate these features.


Backpack Or Traditional Case

The ‘traditional’ luggage is a case or bag with wheels to roll on the floor, or even large duffel bags. Yet there’s a growing number of products offering backpack designs that are ideal for carry on luggage. If you’re looking to be rather active on your adventures then something you can wear on your back will be more practical. These backs often don’t have wheels – this is partly due to their size but also because carrying them on your back addresses the same needs.



Depending on how you like to handle your bag, you may require different handles. Most bags have a simple handle on one of the sides, for lifting, and a telescoping or retractable handle for use with wheels. However, if you prefer some extra practicality, additional handles on the sides will enable you to grab or lift from a variety of angles, such as loading and unloading from the cabin. You may also wish to check the length of any telescopic handles, to ensure they are compatible with your own physical height and reach.


Storage Capacity

Although it goes without saying, storage capacity is important. Most bags tend to measure this space in volumes, typically with litres, and a higher number is typically better. That said, you should also pay attention to the dimensions, specifically in relation to what you wish to carry with you. Some items, such as laptops, can’t be folded over. As a result, a bag might have a large capacity, but if the dimensions aren’t the right size for the laptop, this won’t help at all.


Storage Options

Similarly, is there an opportunity to divide or organise your luggage? Many bags and cases now come with screens or additional pockets. If you’re travelling abroad, a small compartment for travel documents (such as your passport) might be a priority, while others might simply want to divide clothes from their other items with a simple zip screen or compartment. This entirely depends on your needs, but very few bags are the same when it comes to these storage sections.



Weight is a big factor when it comes to luggage products. Even the weight of an empty case is important. Get a rough idea of how much extra weight you’re planning to pack and determine whether or not this is something you wish to pick up and carry on a regular basis? Additionally, many airlines have strict weight limits when it comes to luggage allowances, with additional costs for additional weight. As a result, a heavier bag eats into your ‘allowance’ as it were, while a more lightweight back offers more flexibility in this regard.


Designer Brand

If you’re into your fashion and style, then the right designer brand is a must. When it comes to bags, quite a large number of designers are turning their attention to the travel case. As such, you can often look incredibly chic at the airport, although it goes without saying that the added value of a designer name will often make the bag cost more. If you’re looking for sheer practicality, on the other hand, you can save money by avoiding big labels.


Colour And Style

On a similar theme, sometimes a the right colour can make all the difference. While the majority of luggage products seem to come in the traditional black, silver or dark blue, many companies are opening up to the possibility of more vibrant colours. Light pink or deep oranges? Some ranges already offer this, so don’t rule out the possibility of a little style (even without a designer name attached). It should also be noted that a more unique colour, or a design that simple stands out, is much more easier to spot on a carousel.



If you’re worried about security, there are a number of ways to secure your bag. However, customs and other airport departments may need to enter your bag, so there is a limit to how secure you can truly be. Many American designs will come with a TSA (Transport Security Administration) lock, which is an accepted standard in US airports and will enable customs to access your bag without damaging it. Needless to say, if you’re going to the States, this is a big benefit. Anywhere you go, a lock of some sort is certainly not a bad idea and many cases have these features built in. How much safety you want is up to you and your travel requirements, but it might be worthwhile to find something with a more unique lock.



Many bags often come with numerous accessories or additional features that may fit in with your travel lifestyle. This can include anything from the previously mentioned additional compartments, to areas to store your charger and electrical equipment. Every traveller has their own unique needs, so it might be worth while to see if any particular luggage manufacturer is catering to this area. Identification holders are another common example, allowing you to put some personal details on your bag to prove its yours. If you’ve ever tried finding your bag on a carousel after landing, you might appreciate this simple gesture.



Speaking of accessories, how compatible would you like your luggage to be? Some duffel back and larger cases, for instance, have various clips for combining other items. This allows you to ‘stack’ smaller backs and use one handle to pull everything you have. Some luggage even comes in the form of a travel set, offering matching pieces that connect together when you need to move everything around, yet detach easily when you need specific pieces.



How much wear and tear do you need your bag to take? This simple question might chance what requirements you need from your luggage’s durability. This will influence your decisions on material type, size and general shape of the bag/case. If you’re hopping from location to location, or want a bag that will last a long time, than you might favour a sturdy design over a simplified, lightweight solution.

The Price

Finally, always have a price in mind. The luggage market is a big industry and prices can range from under £30 to over £300 – it all depends on how much you want to spend. As with durability, you may want to consider how often you plan to use your luggage. If you travel frequently, than spending greater amounts is a more easily justified investment. The exact price of any piece of luggage is no guarantee of quality and neither is it a guarantee that it will meet your needs. By looking at the previous factors, you should let these influence you into finding the right option within your budget.


As you can see, there is quite a large array of factors to consider, although they are nearly all based on your own unique circumstances. Understand these and you can easily find the perfect bag for your upcoming travels.