Cabin Approved & Carry On Luggage – Best Of 2018 – 2019

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Samsonite Hand Luggage 34 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock – Telescopic Handle High-End VIEW PRICE HERE!

Samsonite Base Hits 55 39 litre capacity – Soft Shell – 2 Wheels – TSA Lock – Retractable Handle Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Easyjet 32 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – Number Lock – Telescopic Handle Mid-range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Carry On & Cabin Luggage Reviews

These days, airline cabins have strict requirements on what can and cannot come aboard the cabin. As such, the right luggage is vital for any traveller. Yet they also need to meet your regular storage needs and, thankfully, today’s market is full of products that meet this criteria. Here are 3 of the best, leading products available.

Samsonite Hand Luggage Review – Our Number 1

Samsonite SuitcaseThe Samsonite Hand Luggage is a simple yet well designed product for airline cabins (VIEW PRICE HERE!). As the name itself implies, this bag is designed to fit aboard the plane, yet still provide you with all the requirements you need from hand luggage. Here’s a few details on its best features:

  • At 34 litres, you can store plenty of items.
  • The frame itself is small enough to bring aboard most airlines, with dimensions of 40 x 55 x 20 cm.
  • With 4 spinner wheels and a telescopic handle, there are plenty of ways to get around with this case. You can push and pull like a 2 wheel variant, or use all 4 wheels to glide along smoothly.
  • A great range of colours allow you to be more expressive, or simply pick a design that’s easier to spot in a busy environment.
  • There’s even a seal to help limit how much moisture gets inside. If you’re travelling to wet or humid environments, this feature will be very much appreciated.

There’s a surprising amount of detail that has gone into the Samsonite Hand Luggage, making it a very strong product. Ease of access is very much at the forefront of this design, and it will help make even the longest trips much more stress and worry free as a result.


Features: 34 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – TSA Lock – Telescopic Handle

Pricing: High-End


Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 55 Review – Number 2

Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 55The Samsonite Suitcase Base Hits 55 is an efficient yet elegant solution that is sure to please many a journey planner. With decent storage option and various handles, this case is ideal for getting on and off of cabins. Here’s a closer look at some of its other worthwhile features:

  • It has a relatively small size, with a dimensional frame of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.
  • At 2.3 kg, it’s also rather lightweight too. This makes it much easier to get onto the shelves aboard a cabin, as well as getting back down again.
  • With 2 wheels and a retracting handle, you can quickly put this bag on the floor and simply pull it behind you, which is fantastic when you’re exhausted from your journey.
  • The bag comes in a selection of colours, allowing you some customisation and the opportunity to board the plane cabin with style.
  • An added TSA lock also adds extra security.

The Base Hits 55 offers some of the best storage, in terms of volume, that you can get aboard a cabin. With a simple design, this will be a pleasing product for anyone looking for a stress-free trip.


Features: 39 litre capacity – Soft Shell – 2 Wheels – TSA Lock – Retractable Handle

Pricing: Mid-Range



Easyjet Small Trolley Case Review – Number 3

Easyjet Small Trolley Case (2)As the name suggests, this case is small enough to fit the requirements of Easyjet, but it also works with British Airlines and other flight providers too. This case offers a number of great features to make travelling much easier. Here’s a run down of what is has to offer:

  • With dimensions of 50 x 35 x 20 cm, the Small Trolley Case easily fits aboard cabins and still offers flexibility with its 32 litre storage capacity.
  • Thanks to its telescopic handle and spinner wheels, this luggage effortlessly slides across the floor, without draining your strength.
  • Aside from the ABS hard shell, the padded lining also helps to keep your precious items safe at all times.
  • The case also includes a combination lock, which can be used to easily secure your items.
  • At 2.85 kg, it’s also surprisingly light and easy to lift for a hard case product.

In short, there are plenty of features to like here. Everything is designed with practicality in mind and well serve any traveller well, whether it’s just one trip or a frequent flyer.


Features: 32 litre capacity – Hard Shell – 4 Spinner Wheels – Number Lock – Telescopic Handle

Pricing: Mid-Range




The Samonsite Hand Luggage gets the top spot on this last for its variety of features. With both a hard shell and a large storage capacity, it enables travellers to bring a large amount of luggage safely aboard. With 4 wheels, a handle and even a moisture seal, it adapts to a variety of environments, making it perfect for even the most active of travellers.





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