Best Luggage Straps – Reviews Of 2017 – 2018 UK

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Neon Strength Bag Inspection Indicator – 3 dial combination – Made of ABS Higher end VIEW PRICE HERE!

Topoint Vibrant colours – TSA approved lock – adjustable belt Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Personalised Luggage straps Personalized straps – strong and sturdy lock Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Luggage straps – Top 3 Of 2017 – 2018 Reviewed

Luggage straps with locks are becoming a popular choice in securing your belongings within your case whilst flying. Luggage straps are mostly used to secure the bag but more often than not they come with TSA approved locks and help one identify their luggage easily and quickly on the conveyor belt.

Neon Strength Travel Belt Review – Our Number 1

Neon StrengthThe Neon travel belt is a TSA approved combination lock (VIEW PRICE HERE!), which keeps your belongings safe whilst allowing agents to safely inspect your suitcase. The lock is a 3 dial combination that can be reset easily for multiple users to use. It also has a handy feature which informs the owner whether the bag in face has been searched.

  • Dimensions 199.9 x 5cm
  • Well made using PP and ABS for longevity
  • 2 in one- securing your bag and keeping your possessions safe
  • Bag inspection indicator which shows the owner whether their bag has in fact been searched by TSA agents

The lock is a great option for someone who doesn’t have the option to padlock their bag but doesn’t wish to fly without securing their possessions.


Features: Bag Inspection Indicator – 3 dial combination – Made of ABS

Price: Higher end

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TSA Luggage Strap Topoint Review – Number 2

TSA Luggage Strap TopointThis is anther luggage strap that comes with a TSA approved lock for airport security when flying to the USA. It comes in red and black which is useful when trying to identify your luggage on the luggage belt.

  • Strong lock to keep your items safe
  • TSA approved lock for travel to the USA to ensure your belongings are safe throughout the journey and can still be searched by TSA agents
  • Adjustable belt for any size luggage
  • Vibrant colours for easy visibility which allow the owner to locate the bag on the carousel
  • 2 in one- securing your bag and keeping your possessions safe

This is a great choice for someone looking for a strong well-made lock, a luggage strap and for help to locate your bag on a luggage carousel. What is also useful is the lock is approved by TSA, enabling TSA agents to safely search your luggage without damaging the lock or the bag.


Features: Vibrant colours – TSA approved lock – adjustable belt

Price: Affordable

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Personalised Luggage straps Review – Number 3

Luggage Straps PersonalisedThese personalized luggage straps are made from non-elasticated nylon webbing which ensures your luggage is secure and personal to you. The straps come in Navy blue with a red border and white text or red with navy border and white text. The straps are woven with your name making it incredibly easy to spot on the luggage belt. The straps are adjustable and keep your luggage safe during travel and transit.

  • Adjustable straps for use with a variety of luggage sizes
  • Personalised straps for maximum visibility when waiting for your bags at the airport
  • Strong and sturdy lock making it a great choice for keeping your items safe

This is a great option if you happen to be flying anywhere but the USA. These straps are strong, well made and personalized.


Features: Personalised straps – strong and sturdy lock

Price: Affordable

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2 out of the 3 straps came with TSA approved locks and the best of the 3 is the Neon Strength approved lock, personalised straps.  The third in the line up contain a lock and also are fully personalized displaying the name of the user, making luggage identification fast and easy without hassle. Despite not having a TSA approved lock, they are suitable for travel to anywhere else in the world excluding America. They are not elasticated so really do hold the bag in place keeping your possessions tightly packed and safe.

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