Best Hard Shell Suitcases – Reviews 2018 – 2019

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit

VonHaus Good price for 3 pieces of luggage- 4 silent wheels – strong material Low end VIEW PRICE HERE!

FERGÉ Large storage capacity- – 4 wheeled – combination lock for added security- strong material High end VIEW PRICE HERE!

Aerolite 5 year warranty -4 wheeled- TSA lock compliant Mid- range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Hard Shell Luggage Review

Having a good set of luggage to take on holiday with you is just as important as ensuring you have your passport and currency! Hard luggage is especially important because it can ensure that your belongings arrive in the same state you packed them in, often not the case when you use a soft luggage case.

Below are three highly rate hard luggage sets available on the market today.

Aerolite ABS Hard Shell 8 Wheel Spinner Cases Review – Our Number 1

Aerolite PCF Hard ShellAvailable in 3 different colours, these 4 wheel cases come with a 5 year guarantee! The set of 3 cases have a combined capacity of 227 litres (VIEW PRICE HERE!). The smaller case of the set is perfect to use for hand luggage only flights, including Ryanair’s dimensions!

The luggage set also features:

  • The cases all feature 4 wheels, which makes the case easy to maneuver.
  • TSA lock compliant with travel to the USA and worldwide
  • 5 year warranty available on all hard cases in their collection
  • A tough shell to ensure all your belongings are safe from boisterous baggage handlers
  • Inside the bag are compartments for you can separate your clean and dirty laundry easily.
  • Measurements- 33, 78 and 116 litres, total capacity 227 litres

The Aerolite luggage cases are perfect for those using low cost airlines, which restrict your baggage weight, as well as having 4 wheels making them much easier to move than the normal 2 wheel.


Features: 5 year warranty -4 wheeled- TSA lock compliant

Pricing: mid range


FERGÉ Trolley set CANNES Review – Number 2

FERGÉ trolley set of 3This set of 3 stylish, French designed hard suitcases will set you apart from the crowd and ensure you locate your luggage easily coming in six distinct metallic shades. The cases are made of dure-flex making them light but exceptionally strong.

  • 4 silent wheels for easier maneuvering about the airport and aboard the plane
  • For convenient storage they fit into each other perfectly.
  • Combination lock for security
  • Light but very durable to support your belongings in transit
  • Measurements- 45, 85 and 130 litres, so total capacity 260 litres

The Ferge Trolley set is for you if you are after a stylish, durable and long lasting luggage set. With a large storage capacity they are perfect for a long haul holiday.


Features: Large storage capacity- – 4 wheeled – combination lock for added security- strong material

Pricing: High end



VonHaus 3 Piece Blue Luggage set Review – Number 3

VonHaus 3 Piece Blue LightweightThis is the perfect for someone after a strong set of luggage but also at good value. Coming in a cobalt blue colour, the 3 case set is perfect for the frequent traveller.

  • 4 silent wheels for easy movement
  • Good value for money for a 3 piece luggage set
  • Built in combination lock
  • Measurements- 27, 58 and 95 litres total capacity 180 litres
  • Strong material to support your belongings during transit

The VonHaus luggage 3 piece is a great choice for someone looking for a complete set at a decent price. All 3 cases come with 4 silent wheels, built in lock and made from durable ABS. They also sit inside each other for easy storage.


Features: Good price for 3 pieces of luggage- 4 silent wheels – strong material

Pricing: Low end




For value for money and quality, the Aerolite is the best option. It’s the perfect weight and price for the frequent flyer. What’s particularly great is the small case meets the baggage requirements set by Ryanair and other low cost airlines.





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