Best Hand Luggage Backpack For Cabin Reviews 2018 – 2019

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit

Cabin Max Lightweight – soft outer shell – 3 year guarantee Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Jeep carefully designed shoulder straps – 30 litre capacity – excellent value for money- strong stitching Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

More4bagz Adjustable side straps – 4 choices of colour – Rubber handles Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

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Flying with just carry on luggage is a stressful endeavour but if you have the correct sized bag it makes travel easier, less stressful and a lot more pleasant.

Lets have a look at some good options for cabin flight-approved carry on luggage

Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved Carry On Bag Review – Our Number 1

Cabin Max BackpackThis bag is great for flying with low cost airlines as its roomy enough for your clothes/toiletries and a laptop (VIEW PRICE HERE!).  The bag is incredibly lightweight when empty, which means you fill it with more of your own belongings.

  • Soft outer shell making it comfortable for the user to carry
  • 3 year guarantee which gives the buyer confidence in the product
  • 44 litre capacity
  • 25 choices of colour
  • Shower resistant material for easy clean and for use outdoors
  • Lightweight when empty to ensure you can buy lots of souvenirs

The bag is a great option for the frequent low cost airline flyer. With a helpful zip up compartment at the front to store your tickets and passport, this bag is very light and comfortable to carry.


Features: Lightweight – soft outer shell – 3 year guarantee

Pricing: Affordable


Jeep Backpack Rucksack Review – Number 2

Jeep BackpackThis is a budget friendly option for someone flying often without check in luggage. The bag has lots of useful compartments for all the things we tend to accumulate when travelling. It is separated into 3 sections so you can divide your belongings up easily.

  • Specially designed shoulder straps for comfort
  • Strong zips and stitching to support your possessions when travelling
  • Handles on the top of the bag so can also be carried for convenience
  • 30 litre capacity allowing for bulky items
  • Easy clean interior lining
  • 2 colour options

This bag is really reasonably whilst still holding a decent capacity, 30 litres. It has a useful handle on top so that it can be carried easily. It also can hold a 17-inch laptop.


Features: carefully designed shoulder straps – 30 litre capacity – excellent value for money- strong stitching

Pricing: Affordable


More4bagz Super Lightweight Cabin Approved Backpack Review – Number 3

More4bagz Super Lightweight Cabin Approved BackpackThis is a fantastic option for carry-on luggage. This stylish bag comes in 4 colours and has a large 44 litre capacity making it a really great bag for using airlines with set dimensions but no weight restrictions.

  • Adjustable shoulder straps and adaptable side straps to alter depth of the bag and making it more comfortable at either th small or large capacity
  • Rubber handles on the side and top making it more comfortable to carry the bag
  • 44 litre capacity to hold bulky goods
  • Chunky and good quality zips for added strength
  • 4 choices of colour to give the buyer more options
  • Water resistant outer material allowing for outdoor use and cleaning

The big capacity and lightweight material make this a really good option when flying on short and longer trips with airlines such as Thomson, Ryanair and Easy jet. The straps adjust for comfortable weight distribution and there are also additional straps on the side to change the depth of the bag.


Features: Adjustable side straps – 4 choices of colour – Rubber handles

Pricing: Affordable




When picking a bag for hand luggage only, weight is very important, therefore the best option out of these 3 would be the Cabin Max Backpack. It has over 25 colour choices; it is made of an extremely lightweight yet durable material and comes with a three-year guarantee.





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