Best Carry On Bags With USB Chargers Reviews 2018 – 2019

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
HORIZN STUDIOS Carry On Suitcase Removable charging ports - TSA-Approved locking mechanism - Stylish- Hard -wearing - Long lasting battery. High End VIEW PRICE HERE!
Aerolite SMART Suitcase Charging port - Numerical security lock - Hard shell casing - shoe compartment. Mid-range VIEW PRICE HERE!
Hozee Laptop Backpack Waterproof - Portable charging – Lightweight - Durable. Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

Top 3 carry-on Luggage with USB chargers

We all know that technology is everywhere today, with so many devices available at the touch of our fingertips. Work, our social lives, even our diet and exercise routines are now logged by apps and widgets.

Nowadays, the death of a battery when you’re in the middle of something important is the equivalent of dropping your newspaper in a muddy puddle, it puts an abrupt end to whatever you were previously doing. But now, with carry-on luggage that incorporates USB charging ports, you can travel anywhere, in style, without the fear of a dead device!


HORIZN STUDIOS Carry On Suit Case Review – Our Number 1

HORIZN STUDIOS Carry On SuitcaseThis product by HORIZN STUDIOS (VIEW PRICE HERE!) makes carry-on luggage something of the future with a heavy duty removable charger and several different styles of luggage to choose from. Features are as below:

  • Includes all the usual perks of a well made travel case; includes luggage tags for easy identification and a laundry bag for keeping dirty items separate.
  • Has a removable 10,000 mAH battery that can charge mobile devices up to 6 times. This ensures the user won’t run out of battery and can charge said battery anywhere!HORIZN STUDIOS Carry On Suitcase Review
  • Suitable as hand luggage for most airlines with specifications of Size L40 x H55 x W20 cm / Weight: 3.4kg / Volume: 33 l
  • Built to last with an aerospace-grade polycarbonate hard shell to absorb shock damage and resist cracking
  • Sturdy nylon laptop sleeve which is waterproof, also includes inner compartments for saving space and packing light
  • TSA-approved locks for security and peace of mind.
  • Telescopic handle and four 360′ spinner wheels for ease of movement
  • Made with Italian Vacchetta  leather and good quality nylon for style and durability.

This product was obviously made for convenience, ease of movement and style. Forget the clunky, heavy luggage of the past, HORIZN are bringing us into the future with unlimited class, in a tough but striking lightweight case that drags even the most stubborn old Nokia into the 21st century.


Features: Removable charging ports – TSA-Approved locking mechanism – Stylish- Hard -wearing – Long lasting battery.  

Pricing: High End


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Aerolite SMART Suitcase Review – Number 2

Aerolite SMART SuitcaseAnother contender on the list for 21st century smart travel, is the SMART suitcase from Aerolite, included in its features below are several reasons that this could be the case for you this year:

  • Built in USB charging port to ensure your phone stays alive, compatible with all phones as you use your own USB power pack with the case!Aerolite SMART Suitcase Review
  • Made from ABS Hard shell material which is light for convenience but hardwearing for protection.
  • Four spinner wheels and retractable handle for easy maneuvering
  • Suitable as hand luggage for most airlines with specifications of Size L20 x H55 x W35 cm Weight: 2.60kg Volume 33 l
  • 3-digit numerical lock for security.
  • Shoe compartment for ease of packing and organization.

The Aerolite SMART case is just that, smart! Very lightweight and resilient, this case combines organisation, comfort and security  with the ability to charge your phone on the go and keep your tech life running smoothly.


Features: Charging port – Numerical security lock – Hard shell casing – shoe compartment.

Pricing: Mid-range



Hozee Laptop Backpack Review – Number 3

Hozee Laptop BackpackLast but certainly not least on our list is the Hozee laptop backpack. This is a fully portable, waterproof backpack that has charging capabilities. It’s functions include:

  • This backpack is made of waterproof material to ensure electronics stay dry even in adverse weather.
  • Large capacity with specifications of L26.7cm x H43.2cm x W14cm, can fit standard laptops as well as books etc.Hozee Laptop Backpack Review
  • USB charging capability to be used with an owners’ power bank to ensure mobile charging.
  • Made from Nylon material for durability.
  • Adjustable straps for comfort.
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments for simple storage.

This backpack is very portable and could be used for a variety of applications such as taking to school, work or even on a hiking trip. The waterproof feature is a very convenient one and at an affordable price, it’s a great product to use on a day-to-day basis.


Features: Waterproof – Portable charging – Lightweight – Durable.

Pricing: Affordable




The number one spot on this list has to go to the HORIZN STUDIOS carry on suitcase. The case is designed to carry enough luggage to take with you on holiday, complete with ordered compartments which help with being organised and packing smart.

The TSA- Approved lock is also a desirable function of the suitcase, offering a little extra peace of mind in terms of security.

Most of all, though, the fact that the battery included can charge a phone six times over, and be taken in a purse or bag on the go shows that this case is the top contender in our list today.

Also, this product is stylish, with several different designs to choose from and components made from Italian Vacchetta  leather. This coupled with the fact that it is durable and will last a long time, not to mention the charging capabilities make this suitcase the absolute must have travelling companion for all your adventures in this upcoming year!



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