Best Carry On Luggage For Men – Reviews Of 2018 – 2019

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Holdall 2 wheels – lightweight, soft materials – retractable handle Affordable VIEW PRICE HERE!

ABS Hard Shell Hard case – 4 wheels – 37 litre capacity – range of colours Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Kipling K13094 2 wheels – soft case – furry monkey keyring – 39 litre capacity – range of colours Mid-Range VIEW PRICE HERE!

Travel & Carry On Bags For Women – Top 3

Women require a lot from their luggage when travelling. Such bags and cases need to be easy to carry, yet able to store a lot and meet the size requirements imposed by airlines. If you’re looking for something that offers this practicality, here are 3 of the current market’s best carry on luggage cases and bags for women.

Holdall Womens Hand Luggage Review – Our Number 1

Ladies Travel Bags HoldallAs the name suggests, this travel bag comes with a beautiful owl print design that will likely appeal to many (VIEW PRICE HERE!). Here are a few of its other additional features:

  • This travel bag actually has a rather small size – without extending the handle, it has dimensions of 48 x 29 x 25 cm – making it effortless to bring aboard any cabin.
  • There are two handles, allowing the bag to be either be picked up or pulled along.
  • For the latter, there’s an extendible handle that adds an extra 48 cm to the length, as well as two wheels.

It’s the added versatility that gives this owl print bag the top listing here. This product is light and small enough to be lifted up and carried by hand yet, if you’re carrying a heavy load or want to take it easy, to handle and wheels are there for you to use.


Features: 2 wheels – lightweight, soft materials – retractable handle

Pricing: Affordable Low-Range


ABS Hard Shell Cabin Case Review – Number 2

ABS Hard Shell Cabin CaseUnlike the two other items to appear on this list, the ABS Hard Shell offers a stronger, harder casing. If you’re looking for the added safety and protection for your items, this case offers valuable protection while also being small enough to carry on to the plane’s cabin.

  • The ABS Hard Shell can hold up to 37 litres worth of items, despite having a relatively small size (51 x 31 x 20 cm).
  • The added protection from having a hard shell will let many a traveller put their mind at ease.
  • If you’re looking for fashion or self-expression, the ABS Hard Shell comes in a vast range of vibrant colours, enabling the travelling women to compliment her existing style.
  • Thanks to its retractable handle and 4 wheels, this case is easy to manoeuvre around busy locations. The 4 wheels help the case glide more smoothly, without needing to strain yourself pulling.
  • The small strap at the top is ideal when you want to lift or carry the bag.

In short, the ABS Hard Shell is great value for money. It offers both added protection and a decent level of storage. The added wheels also make it easy to move around, making it an ideal, stress-free solution.


Features: Hard case – 4 wheels – 37 litre capacity – range of colours

Pricing: Mid-Range



Kipling K13094 Review – Number 3

Kipling K13094 Women's Teagan S Travel DufflePart of the Kaeon eco-friendly range, the Kipling K13094 is a simple duffel bag designed to offer additional practicality for women while travelling. Here are some of the added features incorporated into this products design:

  • The bag has 39 litres of storage, split into two sections. There is a main storage area and a second section, found via a zip in the in the lining of the case, to help split or organise possessions.
  • The side handles allow the K13094 to be carried like a traditional duffle bag, although the extendible handles and pair of wheels allow you to pull it along, too.
  • Unlike most other bags, this one also comes with a furry monkey keyring
  • Despite its storage capacity, it has a relatively slim frame (the dimensions are just 36.5 x 26 x 58 cm) allowing you to fit easily into any cabin.
  • Kipling also provide the K13094 in a vast range of colours and other designs. This allows the modern woman to choose the luggage that reflects her style, or simply looks more unique.

The Kipling K13904 is fantastic for women looking for a simple storage solution with added practicality and functionality. This duffel bag is easy to pick up thanks to its many handles, while the wheels mean you won’t get too tired carrying this by hand all day.


Features: 2 wheels – soft case – furry monkey keyring – 39 litre capacity – range of colours

Pricing: Mid-Range




The number one position belongs to the Ladies Travel Bags Holdall Women’s Hand Luggage Owl Print Bag. As a bag, it offers a simple storage solution, but the sleek design ensures it also looks the part. Thanks to the added wheels and retractable handle, you can also use this like a traditional case, allowing anyone travelling to take it easy when they need to, which is vital when on a journey.





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